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Barcelona - El Prat - Terminal 2

Bilete de avion ieftine Barcelona

El Prat - Terminal 2


With its favorable position on the north-eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula or on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain, both in terms of population and area. It is also the capital of Catalonia, one of the 17 Autonomous Communities forming Spain.
The most important sights include: the fantastic towers of Templo Expiatorio of Sagrada Familia (The Church of the Saint Family) rein over the air landscape of Barcelona, a huge, unfinished cathedral appreciated for the elaborated model and the wavy curved lines specific to the Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi y Cornet. Other sights of major interest are the San Pablo del Campo Church (914), the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Eulalia, the monument of Christopher Columbus and Mount Tibidabo located nearby the city (532 m/1,745 ft). Some of the several cultural institutions are the Barcelona University (1450), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1968), the Royal Archives of Aragon, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, The Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art.