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myBLue loyalty programme

myBlue is a program especially created for the passengers traveling frequently and which can thus benefit of plane ticket reductions or even free* tickets!

How to join myBlue loyalty program
  • Fill in the form on the website.
  • After registration, an email will be automatically generated by the system with the card number, password and the number of points available. You will receive information at the e-mail address you registered with.

Benefits of the myBlue program
  • Use the accumulated points to purchase Blue Air tickets!
  • Blue Air offers you an initial bonus of 10 euro.
  • You can use it to buy tickets through Call Center.
  • You do not need the physical card, you can buy tickets using the card number myBlue.

How to get the myBlue points
  • For each external segment, you get 5 points - the equivalent to 5 EUR. Exception to this rule are the tickets sold in promotions and Classes WEB00(Y), WEB01 (X), WEB02(W). Regulation details
  • For each internal segment, you get 2 points - the equivalent to 2 EUR. Exception to this rule are the tickets sold in promotions and Classes WEB00(Y), WEB01 (X), WEB02(W). Regulation details
  • For tickets issued for flights in connection consisting of a domestic flight and an international flight segment, both operated by Blue Air, you get 5 EUR/ trip (eg. a ticket issued for Iasi - Bucharest - Florence will accumulate 5 euro).
  • The points will be awarded when the passenger's name coincides with the cardholder name.
  • Within the loyalty program there is no restriction as to the legal or natural entity paying the ticket.
  • If you forgot your password, please fill in the form "I forgot my password. You will receive an e-mail with the new password!
  • You get points for tickets bought after activating the card/account.
Using the new booking engine, available here, you automatically accumulate myBlue points by entering your myBlue card number when you buy your ticket (in step 4 of the reservation - Passengers).
If you use the classic booking engine to buy your ticket, the myBlue points will not accumulate automatically, so you must send us an email with the reservation number to myblue@blue-air.ro so we can add points to your account.

How to use myBlue points
  • You can use the myBlue points to fully or partly buy myBlue tickets not covered by other promotions.
  • You can use the points when you have a myBlue card and want to buy a ticket on your behalf!
  • The discount will be applied as vouchers with value multiple of 5.

Complaints and Claims

* The discount applies to the ticket price, not including airport taxes, other applicable taxes or added services. For special tariffs no discounts are granted.