Claims Manager

Commercial Department


- Experience in Claims Management; - Bachelor’s degree in, business administration, finance and other business-related courses; - Demonstrable customer management/service skills; - Good organizational skills plus the ability to motivate people across the organization to provides solutions; - The ability to meet tight deadlines and outstanding time management skills; - Strong familiarity with a CRM Tool and MS Office, especially Excel and PowerPoint; - Excellent communication skills as you must speak with clients, employees, and customers; - Top quality analytical skills.


- Reduces customer requests handling times and secures swift customer handlings; - Reduces customer requests handling cost by avoiding penalties and delay cost; - A big part of your job involves gathering and analyzing data to help you understand the customer base and coming up with suggestions for improving the existing strategy; - Deciding on a final CRM structure and architecture that will work seamlessly across the business and capture crucial information along the sales channels; - Making sure the customer database is correctly segmented; - Monitors the implementation of the decisions with impact on the claim management process; - Ensures compliance with the regulations and legal provisions in force, in the decision-making activity; - Provides data and statistics internally and externally.


8 hours / day

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