Deputy Electronic Flight Bag Administrator



The Flight Operations Department is looking for a Deputy Electronic Flight Bag Administrator that will support in a wide range of duties of the day-to-day operation. An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is an electronic information management device, based on Apple iPad, that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. The EFB Administrator is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the EFB system in use on our aircraft. He will manage the EFB system, ensuring timely delivery of the end product to all users. Required Experience: - University Degree or equivalent in Information Systems or an Engineering discipline (pending or completed); - Fluent in English, both written and spoken Advantages: - General aviation background; - Knowledge and experience of airline and aircraft operations, including the associated regulatory environment; - XML document encoding; - Experience in providing application support to end users;


Software knowledge and skills: - A broad knowledge of Windows-based computing iOS, and macOS; Functional Skills: - Being able to deliver to tight and demanding timelines on multiple projects; - Ability to adapt quickly to new and emerging technologies; - Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects effectively and when needed, with urgency; - Work in team-work environment; - Excellent time/project management skills and ability to maintain organization of large amounts of data and records. Behavior Skills: - Active Communicator; - Process Orientation; - Highly organized and disciplined; - Readiness to follow instructions and adapt to on-the-fly requests; - Exhibits creativity, curiosity, and an expanding breadth of knowledge regarding aviation and Flight Operations processes; - Be a team player, flexible, adaptable, versatile, enthusiastic, positive and confident.


Job duties (not limited to): - Maintaining a good working knowledge of the EFB system's hardware, operating system and installed software applications; - Ensure that the EFB hardware and software applications are configured in accordance with applicable requirements and that their output complies with regulations; - Enhance the ongoing development of EFB system; - Manage EFB applications; - Prepare weekly reports; - Support the Flight Operations Department in any other related activity.

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