User Experience (UX) Manager

Commercial Department


Hard skills: • understanding of human behavior, reason for their action • analytical abilities • ability to create user friendly and sales stimulating interfaces • ability to do research on users and analyzing its results • previous business and marketing exposure (to be aware of the character of the industry and products in order to create types of potential clients) • ability to follow trends and work with new technology • knowledge of Google Analytics, UXPin, InVision and others • English level - advanced • insight into SEO and into the technological capabilities of e-commerce platform Soft skills: • develop comprehensive view on a subject • good insights • communication skills • assertiveness- needed when you present your ideas and then stand up to them • sense of aesthetic • look for continuous improvement • problem solving skills • team work


General purpose of the position Optimize e-commerce site experience and driving global visibility, while creating functional and user-centered solutions based on understanding human behavior and reasons for their actions. • Optimizing customer site experience and driving global visibility • Overseeing the day to day management of the online site • Developing and using web analytics and reporting for continuous review and optimization of the e-commerce site • Obtain customer insights via A/B and MVT testing or others for optimizing online conversion • Analyze webpage performance and optimize based on acquisition, engagement, and retention goals • Collect all internal client’s requirements for the website • Create the maps and layouts of e-shops and their mobile versions • Interaction design (user interface prototyping, develop user personas and user journeys) • Usability evaluation • Collaborates with the IT and graphic designers’ teams during the implementations of e-shops • Tests and analyses solutions based on earlier conducted researches and proved hypotheses • Analyze sales data to make strategic decisions to guide the business • Develop & monitor meaningful KPIs and dashboards for the eCommerce site • Setting short to medium-term business and sales objectives and the plans to execute • Support digital and omnichannel strategies • Look for and implement current eCommerce and mobile industry best practices • Contribute to trend-spotting and perform competitive analysis of ecommerce industry, assessing new standards, technologies and propose implementation plans for future enhancement of the online channel

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