winter fun

Winter`s gone!

It’s time to plan your next winter escapes!

Winter is gone for good now. Sunny days, bright sky and sleepless summer nights, these are on the horizon for the following couple of months.

But then *spoof*... it’s winter again! And chances are you have nothing prepared for those dull, cold months.

Waste no more time and plan your winter escapes, with prices starting from just *€ 38.99.  Explore European cities you have never been to before, go to those remote beaches with crystal-clear water you have only seen in travel magazines, take your friends on the adventure of your lifetime. Even though you plan your vacation during the coldest months of the year, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

winter travel

Dare to go on your best winter holiday!

Travel more, enjoy more!

*one-way, taxes included, limited seats